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A Living Earth Movement

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

The Living Earth Movement, founded in February 2022, is "a collection of leaders in the fields of theology, business, science, activism and academia who are passionate about combating climate change and preserving life as we know it on this planet."

The Living Earth organizing committee includes John B. Cobb Jr., John Perkins, David Korten, Bonnie Tarwater, Jeff Wells, Audrey Kitagawa, Richard Livingston, Charles Betterton, Rick Smyre, Ronald Hines, Ignacio Castuera, Kathleen Reeves and Peg Booth.

Their intent is to "create an organic and locally-led movement - a grassroots network of activists who lay the foundation for an ecological civilization." The Movement "promotes a new ethos of global cooperation, peacemaking, and joint solutions to the planetary crisis" and "encourages widespread conviction that a just, peaceful, creative, and sustainable society is possible." To find out more, check out The Living Earth movement's website and Facebook Page.

On July 28, 2022 the Living Earth Movement hosted a zoom webinar Creating An Ecological Civilization: The Important Role of Faith Communities, featuring David Korten, Audrey Kitagawa, Jeff Wells, John Cobb and Bonnie Tartwater.

David Kortin is author of Ecological Civilization: From Emergency to Emergence, a report to the Club of Rome published in 2021. Audrey Kitagawa is President and founder of International Academy for Multicultural Cooperation and President of Light of Awareness International Spiritual Family. Jeff Wells is Lead Pastor at The Church of the Village in New York City.

Audrey recounted some of the ways faith communities are addressing our climate change crisis:

David Korten spoke about an Ecological Civilization - "connecting the dots and engaging a serious conversation about the causes of the existential crisis we face, while bringing a message of hope and possibility to help move us forward on the path to an Ecological Civilization."

Jeff Wells served as moderator and recommend book by Larry L. Rasmussen, Earth-honoring Faith: Religious Ethics in a New Key

In the above YouTube interview, 97 year old, theologian, environmentalist and philosopher Dr John B Cobb "calls on the US and China to stop competing and start working together as leaders in the change we need to end the destruction of our planet. John implores all of us as individuals to think about the way we live and not take anything for granted, especially now that we are committed to devastating impacts from the ecological destruction we are bringing on ourselves."

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