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  • Rick Bonetti

A Mystical Planetary Awakening

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Matthew Fox publishes a free Daily Meditation (via email subscription) as part of the Creation Spirituality movement.

"What does it take to bring the healthy mother back to balance with the healthy father in us all? I believe the answer lies in a deep mystical awakening the likes of which the planet has never witnessed before—a mystical awakening that is truly planetary, that draws out the wisdom and the mystic, the player and the justice-maker from the wisdom traditions of all religions and cultures."

"If we can awaken to authentic mysticism, then a resurrection of Mother Earth is possible."

"The Good News we yearn to hear and that Mother Earth herself yearns to feel is that salvation is about solidarity: solidarity with God, neighbor, and all of God’s creatures. The idea of a private salvation is utterly obsolete." ~ Matthew Fox


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