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Ashland Community Earth Day Celebration

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Temple Emek Shalom and SOHEVA are having a Community Earth Day Celebration on Sunday, April 24, 2022, Noon to 4:00 p.m. at the Emek Shalom/Grace Point Church parking lot, 1800 Main Street, Ashland, Oregon.

This fun, free, informative event for the whole family offers opportunities to test drive electric vehicles, enjoy food trucks, music and activities for kids. It will feature more than a dozen organizations committed to environmental protection and a healthy planet.

“Although Earth Day officially falls on April 22nd, we chose Sunday, April 24th to make our event accessible to everyone – adults, kids, the whole family, This event is a great opportunity to come together, learn, try new technology first-hand, and celebrate the importance of a healthy planet.” ~ Pete Jorgensen, event organizer

A major highlight will be the opportunity for licensed and insured drivers to test drive electric vehicles including the Arcimoto FUV manufactured in Eugene, OR, and the Mustang E and Kia Niro EV, which are sold locally by Lithia Motors’ Green Cars division. More than a dozen organizations committed to environmental protection will be on-hand to share helpful information and answer questions about green practices and technology.

PARTICIPATING ORGANIZATIONS to date include representatives from:

  • City of Ashland Conservation Division and Conservation Commission

  • Southern Oregon Climate Action Now

  • Rogue Climate Action Team (County High Schools)

  • Southern Oregon Land Conservancy

  • Truth to Power (Ashland High School)

  • Klamath Bird Observatory

  • Ashland Solar Coop

  • Rogue Produce’s Community Compost Program

  • Southern Oregon Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Association

  • ArciMoto of Eugene

  • Lithia Green Cars

  • Piccadilly Cycles

MORE FUN: Kids can take home seed kits, and everyone can enjoy CABA Empanadas and Lions ice cream treats from local food trucks, and wonderful music from professional musicians! Bring your water bottle for free refills from Crystal Geyser.

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