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Centering Africa at COP27

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

The United Church of Christ’s Creation Justice Webinar series, on the second Wednesday of each month, "brings leaders in the field of environmental justice into conversation with an interfaith audience seeking to put their values into action as caretakers and protectors of God’s creation." The topic of this month's Creation Justice Zoom Webinar on Nov 9, 2022 at 10 a.m. PT is Centering Africa at COP27. Register here.

This webinar will "center the climate concerns and issues faced by Africa, the continent that bears the least responsibility for the climate crisis yet is most vulnerable to its destructive impacts."

The United Nations Sharm El-Sheikh Climate Conference COP27 will take place November 6-18, 2022 where leaders from the world’s nations will be convening in Egypt. While this summit has been described as "the African COP," activists from the continent have asserted that they are already being shut out."

"A prominent concern for African nations at COP27 is the matter of who will pay for the increasing losses and damages inflicted by the climate crisis. Over the past 50 years, climate exacerbated drought has led to a loss of an estimated $70 billion in the Horn of Africa and southern Africa, while the cost of rising sea levels is projected to reach $50 billion by 2050 for islands and coastal areas."

"Of far greater significance than what can be expressed in monetary amounts is the enormous loss of life that has occurred. Over the past 50 years, drought led to the loss of over a half million lives, while flooding has claimed the lives of 20,000.."

Rev. Dr. Brooks Berndt, Minister of Environmental Justice for the United Church of Christ and Rev. Michael Malcom, Executive Director for Alabama Interfaith Power & Light and the People's Justice Council will moderate these three panelists on November 9th:

  • Ineza Umuhoza Grace from the Loss and Damage Youth Coalition

  • Dr. Tinashe Gumbo from the All Africa Conference of Churches

  • Rev. Michael Kalito from Theological Education by Extension in Zambia (TEEZ).

Even if you cannot make the webinar at its scheduled time, still sign-up, and UCC Creation Justice will send you a link to a recording of it.


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