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Creatively United Webinar: Climate and Artists Series

Creatively United’s next webinar in our Climate and Artists Series will include inspiring interviews on a wide range of projects that are charting the future towards healthier, happier communities. In keeping with this season’s overall theme of Regeneration, on Wednesday, March 30, 2022 from 10:30 a.m. to noon, we will explore new technologies that break down barriers to net zero carbon living, including re-designing communities for the future with emphasis on:

  • Zero waste buildings and harmless homes

  • Creating cohousing as sustainable living

  • Healthy energy & healthy homes

  • Living forest communities, art & conservations

  • Overcoming barriers to EV charging stations in stratas

Can't make the live webinar? No worries. By registering for this free webinar, you will receive the replay link to watch at your convenience. Presenters include: Order of Canada award-winning singer/songwriter, Ann Mortifee, plus Jack Anderson, Helen Boyd, Jim Bronson & Sandi Goldie, Jim Connelly, Arno Keinonen, Doug Makaroff, and Roy Yeske. Register Here For Free About Our Presenters Jack Anderson launched Greenplan in 2001. His educational background comprises of architecture, urban design and ecological community design. He has 15 years experience for provincial and local government agencies, including: the City of Nanaimo’s first Planning Department; the City of Nanaimo’s first Park planner in the Parks and Recreation Department; and, from 1993 to 2000, within the Regional District of Nanaimo’s Building Inspection and Planning Departments. Helen Boyd is a registered nurse and mental health therapist who is passionately committed to conserving and enriching our planetary health for generations to come. She is the BC Representative of the Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment and board member and liaison to the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment. Jim Bronson comes to climate activism as a scientist, Sandi Goldie as a teacher, and both as lovers of the natural world who want the best possible future for their grandchildren. In 2018, they began leading classes based on solutions to the climate crisis outlined in Paul Hawken’s book Drawdown, and were founding members of Drawdown BC. They lead online Saturday Solutions Synergy Sessions every two months, where people from the US and Canada meet to inspire one another with their work for a healthy planet. They moved to Oregon in 2021, where they are helping to create River Song, a co-housing community which is implementing cooperative living in a sustainable way. Jim Connelly is an estimator with more than 30 years of experience with Nickel Bros. He will share the many benefits of moving homes vs. demolishing them. Arno Keinonen is an innovator and pioneer dedicated to finding low carbon building solutions. His own home was created to become one of the world’s first test cases for disruptive and revolutionary new technology. He will share an update on what has been learned from this process since Creatively United produced The Harmless Homedocumentary in 2019. Doug Makaroff is the Executive Director of The Trust for Sustainable Forestry, a registered Canadian charity. Doug has 31 years of experience as a sustainable urban planner and real estate developer; creating new towns and walkable neighbourhoods with a mix of uses, ages and incomes. From 2006 to the present, Doug has focused on building conservation communities in BC; where light-on-the-land development is clustered on 5 to 15% of the land base, with the remainder of the forest land conserved or dedicated to the most sustainable forms of eco-forestry. He will share how this model is an alternative to clear cutting and suburban sprawl that also provides jobs and homes, while saving trees. Ann Mortifee, is an award-winning musician, artist, author, environmental activist and Order of Canada recipient and the co-founder and chair of The Trust for Sustainable Forestry. In 2002, Ann established the first Conservation Community on Cortes Island in British Columbia by registering a new land use zone (Community Land Stewardship Zone) as an alternative to suburban sprawl and deforestation. Not only is Ann a sought-after keynote speaker and facilitator of workshops on creativity and consciousness, but her dedication to human and planetary healing has resulted in Ann receiving numerous awards and recognition, including Queen Elizabeth II Silver and Diamond Jubilee Medals and being recognized as the YMCA’s Woman of the Year. Roy Yeske with more than 30 years of experience on strata councils and 35-years as an electrical engineer, manager and administrator at Saskpower, was well positioned to initiate, lead and manage his strata building’s conversion to full LED lighting and successfully install EV Ready Infrastructure to all 30 parking stalls in the building’s parkade for significant cost savings to the residents. He will share advice and tips on the many benefits these types of conversion offer and how to move projects like this forward with resistant stratas or building owners/managers.


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