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  • Rick Bonetti

Drawing Down Carbon, Lifting Up Humanity

Project Drawdown has a new report, Climate–Poverty Connections: Opportunities for Synergistic Solutions at the Intersection of Planetary and Human Well-being and is offering a two-part webinar to explain it in depth. "Panelists will share concrete evidence of how climate solutions can also help meet human well-being* needs and alleviate poverty in rural communities in Africa and South Asia."

"Global experts in international development, environmental health, clean energy, and natural resource management will discuss how climate solutions focused on improving agriculture and agroforestry, providing clean electricity, and adopting clean cooking can yield substantial socioeconomic, health, equity, and environmental gains." Register now

"Global experts in cross-sectoral conservation and health initiatives, climate adaptation, girls’ education, and environmental conservation will focus on how climate solutions that protect and restore ecosystems and foster equality can lift people up while drawing down greenhouse gases." Register now

"The analysis provides solid evidence for enormous direct and indirect human well-being* co-benefits and ripple effects arising from the 28 solutions in five climate solutions groups:

  1. Improving Agriculture and Agroforestry: Abandoned Farmland Restoration, Conservation Agriculture, Farm Irrigation Efficiency, Improved Rice Production, Multistrata Agroforestry, Nutrient Management, Reduced Food Waste, Regenerative Annual Cropping, Silvopasture, Sustainable Intensification for Smallholders, System of Rice Intensification, Tree Intercropping.

  2. Protecting and Restoring Ecosystems: Coastal Wetland Protection, Coastal Wetland Restoration, Forest Protection, Grassland Protection, Indigenous Peoples’ Forest Tenure, Peatland Protection and Rewetting, Temperate Forest Restoration, Tropical Forest Restoration.

  3. Adopting Clean Cooking: Biogas for Cooking, Improved Clean Cookstoves.

  4. Providing Clean Electricity: Distributed Solar Photovoltaics, Geothermal Power, Micro Wind Turbines, Microgrids, and Small Hydropower.

  5. Fostering Equality: Health and Education.

*The 12 dimensions of human well-being used in the Drawdown Lift Human Well-Being Index are: Education, Energy, Food, Gender Equality, Health, Housing, Income and Work, Networks, Peace and Justice, Political Voice, Social Equity, and Water and Sanitation."


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