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Ecological Civilization

David Korten, who founded Yes! Magazine 25 years ago, is an engaged citizen dedicated to the work of advancing the human transition to a new civilization, a new economy, and a new economics - an Ecological Civilization.

Korten says "resistance alone is a losing strategy. You have to have a positive alternative, something that we move toward instead of away from.

It is important that we begin trying to envision, what would an ecological civilization look like. Current social, economic and political structures and their institutions are just products of the human mind, as is the notion of money. Ownership (how we think about how we use money), family and community are also constructs. - living entities capable of changing and evolving. Transnational corporations and banks that are totally delinked from life.

It is egotistical to believe that the emerging process of evolution is to create humans as the end-product or the purpose. Rather, humans are just one of the many species, each of which has its distinctive characteristics - interrelated parts of the whole. Therefore, Korten suggests our human purpose, within the larger evolutionary unfolding of creation, is "to serve the whole as all creation continues to evolve toward ever-greater complexity, beauty, awareness, and possibility."

The above YouTube interview of David Korten is part of Integral Voices video and audio podcasts, produced by the Center for Transformative Learning at Meridian University. The September 17, 2022 Integral Voices podcast was a conversation between three "pathfinders:" Riane Eisler, David Korten, and Hazel Henderson, authors of the following books:

"The glory of the human has become the desolation of the Earth. The desolation of earth is now our greatest shame and biggest threat. Therefore, all programs, policies, activities and institutions must henceforth be judged primarily by the extent to which they inhibit, ignore or foster a mutually enhancing human/earth relationship." ~ Thomas Berry

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