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  • Rick Bonetti

Ecological Civilization: Earth, Religion and the Human Future

The Unitarian Universalist's General Assembly 2022 in Portland, OR included a workshop entitled "Ecological Civilization: Earth, Religion and the Human Future," organized by UUs for a Just Economic Community, UU Ministry For Earth, and Cedars UU Church, in Bainbridge, WA..

The talk in June 2022 by David Korten,, now found here on YouTube, calls for systemic changes to address our ecological and climate crisis. He advocates that we:

  • "embrace our crisis as an epic opportunity to actualize our human potential and desire to love and care for one another and the earth

  • relieve ourselves from forms of consumption that are ultimately self-destructive

  • rely on circular local supply chains rather than long, linear supply chains that best serve corporate interests

  • rethink the three P's: purpose, power and procreation

  • provide all people with material sufficiency and a spiritually abundant life experience

  • support the well-being, beauty, regenerative health of and creative unfolding of living earth's community of life

  • refocus power to reside in communities of place that empower people to fulfill their responsibilities to and for themselves, one another and the earth

  • support life's continuous, regenerative procreation

  • care for the living systems by which earth regenerates air, water, and soils while maintaining climate stability

  • manage our human numbers and distribution by assuring that every child is a wanted child who receives the essential support of a loving family and community"

"We can choose with conscious, collective intention our culture, our institutions, our technology and our infrastructure. Can we do it with the required speed? We will know only if we try."

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Rick Bonetti
Jul 24, 2022

Yes Magazine (Spring 2021) has an article on What Does an Ecological Civilization Look Like? by Jeremy Lent.

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