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  • Rick Bonetti

Emergent Spirituality

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

In this YouTube video on emergent spirituality, stand-up philosopher and prolific author Tim Freke presents a new worldview in which God is not the source, but the destination.

He opens with the radical idea that time does not pass, but accumulates, and with characteristic energy and passion, he suggests that reality is information, emerging first as matter, then as biology, and now as a distinct immaterial level – as spirit.

Meaning, volition, magic and immortality belong exclusively to this level. This Emergent Spirituality offers a life-enhancing understanding of the deep purpose of existence, and can heal our modern soul crisis.

The talk was given at SAND 2017. Science And Nonduality (SAND) "is a community inspired by timeless wisdom, informed by cutting-edge science, and grounded in personal experience. We come together in an openhearted exploration to further our individual and collective evolution. New "ways of being" emerge. We embody our interconnectedness and celebrate our humanity."


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