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Experienced Americans: Our Time is Now

Updated: Apr 10

Join with other people over the age of 60 — “experienced Americans” — determined to change the world for the better - join Third Act.

"We must use our political and economic power to move Washington and Wall Street (and Main Street) in the name of a more just and sustainable society and planet. We back up the great work of younger people, and we make good trouble of our own." ~ Bill McKibben

Here are some ideas on how you can plug in to Third Act’s campaigns, events, trainings, and other activities:

  • Take action with one or both of Third Act's campaigns: Banking on our Future, where you can sign the pledge to pressure big banks to stop bankrolling the climate crisis, and Protect the Vote, where you can share your voting stories as we mobilize and inspire voters of all ages to turn out this year.

  • Sign-up to join a Working Group, where Third Act supporters will collaborate regionally and among professional affinities (i.e. educators, faith, artists, caring professionals/doctors/nurses) to further our campaigns on climate and democracy and design creative activities to engage more people in taking action, online and in-person (in Covid-safe ways).

  • Register for Third Act's upcoming events - a monthly All-In Call, a training workshop, a community builder - and check-out a recording of one of Third Act's past events.

  • Follow Third Act on social media: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

  • Complete Third Act's Intake Form so we can get to know you better and match your talents, experiences, skills, and interests with great volunteer opportunities.

To keep you up-to-date, you can expect about one email a week from Third Act with event invitations, action alerts, and other news, as well as one monthly e-newsletter (on occasion maybe more than one email per week if there’s a lot going on).

"Music can be a uniting and joyous theme in our work. The age span in our group covers 40+ years! Third Act is building a playlist of great music, starting with the midpoint of our cohort's high school prom - 1959 - working our way forward and backward."

Our Time is Now!


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