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Grist Looking Forward to a Sustainable Future

Photo by Torsten Dederichs via Unsplash

Zoya Teirstein writes in the January 30, 2024 edition of Grist.: "Climate Change Has Killed 4 Million People Since 2000 — and That’s an Underestimate". This shocking headline gets our attention, but Grist often offers a positive vision of a sustainable future through the use of stories of solutions, progress, and action - Looking Forward, visions of a clean, green, and just future.

Grist is "a nonprofit, independent media organization dedicated to telling stories of climate solutions and a just future." Grist bills itself as "The only newsroom focused on exploring solutions at the intersection of climate and justice." Grist reports on topics like Politics, Energy, Equity, and Solutions, and how they intersect with climate.

Grist’s Imagine 2200: Climate Fiction for Future Ancestors short story contest "celebrates stories that offer vivid, hope-filled, diverse visions of climate progress." They offer hope that we can work together to build a more sustainable and just world. Grist's first climate fiction contest in 2021 Imagine 2200 featured "12 stories of intersectional worlds in which no community is left behind." Their second climate fiction contest in 2022 offered 12 "short stories that offer visions of abundance, adaptation, reform, and hope."

Grist 50 is "an annual list of climate and justice leaders to watch."

Fix combines creative storytelling with network-building and events. Their work "amplifies stories of hope and progress, shines a light on bright ideas and the people behind them, and brings together a growing community of visionaries — they call them Fixers — who are leading the way to a planet that works for everyone." 

You can support the work of Grist by becoming a member or making a donation on their website.


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