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Holomovement As the Unitive Narrative

Awakening of Humanity: The Dawning of a New Earth and Unitive Age - Holomovement As the Unitive Narrative is a new E-book by Drs. Kurt Johnson, Jude Currivan, Robert Atkinson, and Douglas King - four interdisciplinary authors (sharing cosmology, theology, evolutionary biology, comparative religion, monomyth, and spiral dynamics integral).

From the authors:

"This book offers a unitive reframing of the foundational elements, worldviews, and deeper ontological aspects of reality for understanding the universe as a true superorganism."

"Integrating theological, cosmological, philosophical, universal wisdom traditions, and interspiritual perspectives, the authors arrive at a universal identity of humanity consistent with our individual and collective roles within the wholeness-in-motion of the entire creation as an invitation that this will lead to further dialogue and exploration in our re-membering who we really are and who we can evolve to become. "

"In certain sections of the book, the collaborating authors intentionally favor wording and expressions of the first author Kurt Johnson (the theologian) to facilitate the express purpose of addressing theological narratives."

The book is published online by Light on Light Press on ISSUU.


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