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  • Rick Bonetti

Hydrogen: Useful Tool, or Fossil Industry Ruse?

The July Southern Oregon Climate Action Now (SOCAN) general meeting scheduled for Tuesday July 26, 2022 from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. will be dedicated to a discussion of the role hydrogen might pay in our energy future: Hydrogen: Useful Tool, or Fossil Industry Ruse? There is no charge for joining the ZOOM meeting, but to attend those interested must register at the link on the SOCAN calendar event:

"What’s the deal with Hydrogen? We know we need to break our fossil fuel habit. But how do we do it? The answer seems to be renewable energy such as wind, water, and solar. There are two important challenges with renewables: how to store the energy when they aren’t available and how to use them in hard-to-electrify applications. A growing chorus is rising for using Hydrogen to meet those challenges. When we burn fossil fuels, greenhouse gases are released. Burning hydrogen, on the other hand, produces only pure water. In a world suffering the existential threat of a climate crisis induced by our use of fossil fuels, hydrogen is increasingly considered to have a valuable role to play."

Renewable Hydrogen Alliance founder and former executive director Ken Dragoon, now with Obsidian Renewables LLC., will outline the many colors of hydrogen and its role in addressing the growing climate crisis. He will welcome all questions and concerns.

For more information contact:

Alan Journet, Co-facilitator, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now (SOCAN); 541-301-4107 Ken Dragoon, Director of Hydrogen Development, Obsidian Renewables, LLC; 503-545-8172


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