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  • Rick Bonetti

[Inside] The Movement

Updated: 4 days ago

Inside the Movement (ITM) is "a team of climate activists and journalists - the folks at EarthRise, Fossil Free Media, One Earth, The Solutions Project, and The YEARS Project. ITM is an aggregator "putting the actions, campaigns, stories, successes, challenges. and reflections of the climate movement in one place."

" In a rapidly intensifying informational age that coincides with intense societal divisiveness and extreme weather, we’re often left wondering: will technology save us? With new technological advances happening every day, we are hopeful they can aid in transitioning us to a renewable energy system. But with all of this new tech at our fingertips, we shouldn’t forget that using our voices (the non-AI-assisted version!) is the best tool we'll ever have. Here’s how we can use them:

"[Inside] The Movement is a newsletter and Action Toolkit for the Climate Movement. It is updated weekly and is here for you to change the world." Subscribe here.

Rogue Valley Voice aggregates and curates information from many third-party sources and does not necessarily endorse all aspects of others' work. Still, we find their viewpoint provocative and interesting enough to encourage the reader to engage with and come to their understanding and actions as they deem appropriate.


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