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Moral Ground: Ethical Action For a Planet in Peril

Updated: May 21, 2022

Solutions to the climate crisis are not found just in physics, science and logic; society and policy makers must become activated by ethics, morals, spirituality, a cosmic worldview, plus strong emotions of love, compassion, awe, wonder, humility, outrage, grief and courage - to overcome the greed and lies of powerful self interests.

"Climate change is a moral challenge, not simply an economic or technological problem." ~ Kathleen Dean Moore

Kathleen Dean Moore and Michael Nelson are editors of 87 inspiring essays in the 2010 book Moral Ground: Ethical Action For a Planet in Peril - diverse voices including Desmond Tutu, Gus Speth, the Dali Lama, E. O. Wilson, Barack Obama, John Paul II, the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, Thich Nhat Han, Bill McKibben, Thomas L. Friedman, Sallie McFague, Marcus J. Borg, Wendell Berry, Thomas Berry, Mary Evelyn Tucker, Brian Swimme, Terry Tempest Williams, Barbara Kingsolver, Paul Hawken and many more.

The book is organized in 14 section with reasons for an answer "YES" to the question: "Do we have a moral obligation to take action to protect the future of a planet in peril?"

  1. for the survival of humankind

  2. for the sake of the children

  3. for the sake of the earth itself

  4. for the sake of all forms of life on the planet

  5. to honor our duties of gratitude and reciprocity

  6. for the full expression of human virtue

  7. because all flourishing is mutual

  8. for the stewardship of God's creation

  9. because compassion requires it

  10. because justice demands it

  11. because the world is beautiful

  12. because we love the world

  13. to honor and celebrate the Earth and Earth systems

  14. because our moral integrity requires us to do what is right

Each section is followed by calls to Ethical Actions - How we can save the Earth; minimize human suffering throughout the world (particularly among the poorest and most vulnerable);; protect other species; repair fragile ecosystems; promote long-term prosperity, happiness and wellbeing; and transition into more equitable and sustainable economic systems."

Find empowerment and firm moral ground to take necessary actions.

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