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  • Rick Bonetti

Neighborhood Climate Action Networks

The Ashland Climate Collaborative is a 501-c-3 non-profit "formed in 2021 to serve as a hub for community-based action to reduce our climate footprint and build a resilient community." They have four Action Teams:

  1. Electrification - homes, organizations, and businesses

  2. Transportation - electric vehicles and making biking/walking safer

  3. Water - conservation

  4. Composting - food waste

They aim "to facilitate the convening of self-defined organizational networks to share best practices, solve problems, forge partnerships, and activate as needed. Examples could include faith organizations, professional associations, neighborhoods, community clubs, and more."

In 2023, Ashland Climate Collaborative is launching Neighborhood Climate Action Networks and volunteers are needed! This is being designed for "local organizations, businesses, and neighborhoods to come together to accelerate climate action and integrate it into standard practice. They are planning to have "a pilot program with 6-10 neighborhood groups that will meet for about 3 hours once a month to discuss how homeowners can address new climate challenges like drought and fires and review ways to lower household greenhouse gas emissions."

Find out more at their website or Facebook page.


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