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Oregon Clean Energy Plan

In 2021, Oregon's Governor Brown signed House Bill (HB) 2021 into law, which provides an emissions-based clean energy framework for electricity providers. The goals include:

  • 80% below baseline emissions levels by 2030;

  • 90% below baseline emissions levels by 2035; and

  • 100% below baseline emissions levels by 2040.

In response, Pacificorp has been developing an Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) with the latest input to be filed with the Oregon Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) in March 2023. Final Public Input Meetings 9 and 10 are planned for January 12-13 and February 23-24, 2023

PacifiCorp's Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) identifies investments in modernized transmission, renewable energy (wind & solar, hydro, thermal), storage, demand response and advanced nuclear resources. The expected results of that Plan is a "69% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from 2005 levels by 2030." and will include the following:

  • A clean energy strategy with proposed specific actions to meet outlined milestones;

  • Measurement of potential benefit and/or impact to communities of the resources proposed; and

  • Discussion of how PacifiCorp should comply with the requirements as it moves toward 100% renewable and non-carbon-emitting energy in Oregon.

Electric power rates from Pacific Power are going up January 1, 2023 in the Rogue Valley, partially due to mitigation measures necessary in Fire High Consequences Areas (FHCA) (shown in gold on the map below.)

In June 2022 the Oregon Wildfire Risk Explorer was released showing every tax lot in Oregon in a risk category ranging from zero to extreme. (note: The Senate Bill 762 statewide wildfire risk map and homeowner risk reports are unavailable while the map is being updated. The maps presented on the Risk Explorer are from the 2018 Quantitative Wildfire Risk Assessment.)

Pacific Power uses the FHCA maps to pinpoint the areas with the most extreme risk (due to wind patterns, vegetation, and population) in preparation of their 2022 Wildfire Protection Plan.


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