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  • Rick Bonetti

Oregon Global Warming Commission

Updated: Apr 10

"In August 2021 the Oregon Global Warming Commission (OGWC) approved a Natural and Working Lands Proposal in response to Governor Brown’s Executive Order 20-04." Find out more at their Keep Oregon Cool website.

Oregon Global Warming Commission’s Natural and Working Lands Advisory Committee is charged with developing proposals to actualize the promotion of carbon sequestration on the state’s agricultural and forestry lands. They worked closely with Tribes, landowners and managers, federal and state agencies, conservation organizations, environmental justice leaders, technical assistance providers, and scientists to inform the Proposal. In total, they "heard from more than 1,000 individuals and organizations over an 18-month period."

The Oregon Global Warming Commission wants its website "to serve as a platform for conversation about climate change – with experts from across Oregon sharing information about the effects of climate change on our state, plus question-and-answer features from Oregonians like you." Join the conversation by adding your reactions to their blog posts and send your comments or questions to them."

The OGWC's Biennial Report to the Legislature shows "Oregon is not on track to meet greenhouse gas reduction goals."


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