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  • Rick Bonetti

Oregon's Climate Action Plan

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

The Oregon Climate Action Plan (OCAP) was signed by Governor Kate Brown two years ago by executive order EO 20-04.

Brad Reed, Campaign Manager for Renew Oregon says, "OCAP mobilized a broad array of state agencies to respond to the climate crisis and make a transition to a clean energy economy in multiple sectors including transportation, public health, clean energy & buildings, natural & working lands, and to hold the state’s largest climate polluters accountable."

Highlights of the Plan include:

🏭 The Climate Protection Program took effect on January 1, 2022.

🚛 Two major Clean Trucks rules passed.

🌡️ Worker protection from extreme heat & wildfire smoke rules are nearly finished.

🌲 First time in state history, we have a concrete goal for Oregon's forests, wetlands, and agricultural lands to capture and store millions of tons of greenhouse gases.

🔥 The "Future of Methane Gas" is under discussion..

"One thing I know is these kinds of things get better when people show up to demand change.".

With great regard for Governor Brown’s leadership and the hard work from directors and staff at the state agencies, I can’t think of a single one of OCAP’s many highlights that hasn’t gotten better because people like you showed up to write an email, make a public comment, testify in front of a commission, or share your story with decision makers."

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