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  • Rick Bonetti

Pantheism and Quantum Reality

December 1-3, 2023 online only on Zoom - The Center for Christogenesis is having its Annual Conference: GOD 2.0: Pantheism and Quantum Reality which will explore "how science, culture, and scripture can help us appreciate a wider, more expansive understanding of God in ways that empower us to creatively contribute to the wholeness we seek." Featured speakers include Ilia Delio, Brandon Ambrosino, Jack Caputo, Bruce Epperly, Rami Shapiro, and Catherine Keller. For more information and registration click here. The cost is $180. All registrants will receive recordings of the events.

"God is an incomprehensible mystery and our approach to the mystery is shaped by ways of knowing the real, a type of knowledge that cannot be fixed or located in any one age."


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