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  • Rick Bonetti

Prayer for The United States of America


Creator, please help us to remember that the burden of responsibility for freedom means caring enough to not ignore the things that are hard to witness in the news.

Please help us to remember that if others are living through the difficulties reported, We owe it to ourselves as a nation to witness and harness both knowledge and empathy to guide us.

Creator, we recognize that there is never a guaranteed “someone” to fix every problem, but rather we are the ones who must seek solutions.

Please help us to recognize that those solutions may arise from where and whom, we least expect.

Please help us to respect each other, no matter what race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, economic station, or culture, enough to recognize the value we each can provide our community.

Creator, please help our intellects to see past our prejudices, Please help our dreams to not be limited by our ignorance, Please help us face our fears with wisdom and not hatred, Please help us recognize there is strength in non-violence,

Please help us fulfill the dream of collectively providing opportunity for all while remembering acting upon opportunity is our individual responsibility.

Please help us in remembering we are tomorrow’s ancestors, so that we are the land where people are brave enough to break through the ignorance of old.

And free enough to build upon the legacy left to us, so that one day, generations from now, America will still be the land our descendants love.

Please help us remember that when we pray for your guidance through the night, That Night is born of our own ignorance and hate.

Please help us remember when we pray for the Light Above to guide and protect America, that Light that is You, is only and always found in our ability to recognize our common humanity.

Creator, please help the people living in the states we have drawn upon this blessed land, to rediscover that it is only through recognizing our common humanity, that we can truly be the United States of America in our hearts once again.

Please help us remember that when we cover our hearts, we are pledging to safeguard this sacred pact with each other, in honor of those who came before,and for the generations yet to come. 



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