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  • Rick Bonetti

Resilience Over Climate Abuse

The Unitarian Universalist Young Adults for Climate Justice caucus is looking for support as they will be heading to New Orleans in April 2023 for a climate justice convergence hosted by Power Shift Network.

The theme of the convergence is "Resilience Over Climate Abuse." which will cover five themes;

  1. Movement History and Political Education

  2. Healing Spaces and Community Care

  3. Using Art in Our Work

  4. Skill Training to Strengthen Resilience

  5. Centering Lessons from the Gulf Coast

"This is an opportunity for members of UUYACJ to deepen their knowledge, put justice into practice, and build meaningful connections with other climate justice activists. In order to make this trip possible, they need to raise $3,300 by February 5th. Currently, they are at 46% of their fundraising goal."

Power Shift Network is an intergenerational network of organizations and campaigns that center on the diverse young people most impacted by the climate crisis." They have a diverse membership.


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