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Rogue Valley Water Solutions Summit

Southern Oregon Pachamama Alliance and their co-sponsoring organizations invite you to be a participant in the Fall 2022 Rogue Valley Water Solutions Summit, a 6-session community exploration of our relationship with water in the Rogue Valley.

The sessions will be held from September 14 - November 12, 2022 from 6-8 p.m.PDT on zoom. Pre-registration is required and the Zoom link will be sent our ;the day prior. Register here.

There is no charge for participating in the Summit, but if you'd like to help with covering the costs, their Donate button will take you to the donation page for Peace House (their fiscal agent).

Each session will include background materials to review ahead of time, guest panelists for Q&A, and breakout groups for public input on "What Could Be" -- all aiming to create opportunities for the public to envision and share wholistic solutions that address issues and impacts related to water for Jackson and Josephine Counties.

Their first Zoom session brings together the two major themes of this effort--nurturing an awareness and appreciation of water at the same time we seek out solutions that support all the Valley's communities. We start with...

  • Wed Sept 14 - Honoring Water💦

  • Wed Sept 28 - Flow and Fairness: Pipes, Projects & Possibilities (Domestic water)

  • Wed Oct 12 - Channeling Better Outcomes for AgricultureWed

  • Wed Oct 26 - Veins of the Valley: Wetlands & Waterways

  • Wed Nov 9 - The Catch Basin: Averting Floods, Fires and other Impacts

  • Sat Nov 12 - Where Do We Go from Here? (in-person summary & action planning)

Visit the Water Solutions Summit webpage for a full description of each session as well as access to the background materials (videos and articles) to review prior to Session #1.

Source: Lorraine, Cynthia, Lauren & Catie at Southern Oregon Pachamama Alliance. Contact: 541 530-8454; Email:


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