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  • Rick Bonetti

Singing A New Cosmology Into Being

The Kalapalo are an indigenous people of Brazil. They are one of seventeen tribal groups that inhabit the Xingu National Park. Neolithic humans constructed a powerful mode of communication - the ritual - to create community and awaken to a larger dimension of self.

"There is perhaps no more significant challenge today than the invention of processes that will enable us to move from the fragmentation of our nation-states to the unity of our Earth community - to feel in a primary way that we are earth, we are universe. That is who we are first and foremost; everything else second. ~ Brian Swimme, Human Energy Project

The short films of the Human Energy Project "sing a new cosmology," one that begins with a primordial birth that begins 14 billion years ago and develops into stars and galaxies, living planets, and human consciousness.

The "powerful being" that we sing of is that of the global organism that is emerging - the noosphere!

"We are the nervous system of this global organism that is breaking into awareness of itself, just at the moment when it is needed most. We invite others to join us in this work as together we create a song of a flourishing Earth community."

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Jun 05

I am reading Brian Swimme and it’s making a difference in how I feel the Earth,

Lament our Earth.

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