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  • Rick Bonetti

Southern Oregon Climate Smart

Updated: Apr 10


"In September 2019, the Southern Oregon Climate Smart (SOCS) Working Group was formed to confer about and collaboratively react to perceived and potential climate change impacts on natural ecosystems in southwestern Oregon."

They initially focused on proposed federal lands and natural resources management activities but expanded their scope to include state, municipal, and private lands.

The SOCS Working Group is composed of individuals and representatives from:

  • Southern Oregon Climate Action Now (SOCAN); Alan Journet and Gary Clarida

  • Southern Oregon Forest Restoration Collaborative (SOFRC); Terry Fairbanks

  • Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center (KS Wild); Joseph Vaile

  • Rogue-Siskiyou National Forest (USFS); Bill Kuhn

  • Charisse Sydoriak, retired NPS/BLM Resources & Science Manager

  • Rogue Basin Partnership (RBP); Sara Mosser

Find out more about SOCS at the SOCAN website.


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