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State of the Union

Updated: Mar 13

On March 6, 2024, President Biden delivered his 68-minute State of the Union address to Congress. It was a partisan message intended to dispel worries about Biden's age and vigor and to contrast differences in his agenda with his November rival. The State of the Union was rich in Biden's aspirational policy agenda.

On March 9, 2024, the White House released The President's Budget for Fiscal Year 2025, which:

Lowers Costs for the American People

  • Lowers Drug Prices and Expands Access to Prescription Drugs

  • Cuts Taxes for Families with Children and American Workers.

  • Lowers Child Care Costs for Hard-Working Families.

  • Increases Affordable Housing Supply to Reduce Housing Costs.

  • Expands Access to Homeownership and Affordable Rent and Reduces Down Payments for First-Time and First-Generation Homebuyers

  • Reduces the Cost of College and Lifts the Burden of Student Debt.

  • Lowers Health Care Costs.

  • Reduces Home Energy and Water Costs.

Protects and Strengthens Social Security and Medicare

  • Protects the Social Security Benefits that Americans Have Earned

  • Ensures That Americans Can Access the Benefits They’ve Earned

Cuts the Deficit by Promoting Tax Fairness

  • Requires Billionaires to Pay at Least 25 Percent of Income in Taxes

  • Raises Tax Rates for Large Corporations

  • Cracks Down on Tax Avoidance by Large Multinationals and Big Pharma

  • Denies Corporations Deductions for All Compensation Over $1 Million Per Employee

  • Ends Capital Income Tax Breaks and Other Loopholes for the Very Wealthy

  • Ensures That the IRS Can Continue to Collect Taxes Owed by Wealthy Tax Cheats

Invests in America and the American People

  • Supports Family Planning Services, Maternal Health, and Health Equity

  • Saves Lives by Advancing Behavioral Healthcare

  • Drives Healthcare Innovation to Discover New Treatments and Improve Health Outcomes

  • Expands Healthcare, Benefits, and Services for Environmental Exposures

  • Prioritizes Veterans’ Mental Health Services and Suicide Prevention for Veterans and Military Servicemembers

Supports America’s Workforce and Prepares America’s Economy for 21st Century Challenges

  • Continues Implementation of the President’s Investing in America Agenda

  • Provides National, Comprehensive Paid Family and Medical Leave and Calls for Paid Sick Days

  • Empowers, Protects, and Invests in Workers

Confronts the Climate Crisis While Spurring Clean Energy Innovation, Increasing Resilience, and Protecting Natural Resources

  • Lowers Energy Costs and Catalyzes Clean Energy and Economic Growth in Rural Communities

  • Invests in Clean Air and Reduces Health and Environmental Hazards for At-Risk Communities

  • Creates Jobs by Building Clean Energy Infrastructure

  • Strengthens Climate Resilience in Communities and Ecosystems

  • Supports and Expands the American Climate Corps

  • Doubles Down on America’s Global Climate Leadership

Invests in America’s Families

  • Supports a Strong Nutrition Safety Net

  • Builds a Strong Foundation for Families with Universal Pre-K and Head Start

Expands Opportunity and Advances Equity

  • Advances Efforts to End Homelessness

  • Honors Commitments to Support Tribal Communities

  • Expands Access to Capital for Small Businesses

  • Promotes Equity in Education and Builds a Diverse, Capable STEM Workforce

Protects Americans at Home and Abroad

  • Secures the Border and Strengthens the Immigration System

  • Tackles Crime, Reduces Gun Violence and Makes America’s Communities Safer

  • Prioritizes Efforts to End Gender-Based Violence

  • Combats Narcotics Trafficking

  • Reiterates the Administration’s Request for Immediate Funding for Urgent National

  • Security Priorities Related to Ukraine, Israel, and the Indo-Pacific

  • Supports Ukraine, European Allies, and Partners

  • Promotes Integrated Deterrence in the Indo-Pacific and Globally

  • Ensures Readiness Across America’s Armed Forces

  • Invests in the Submarine Industrial Base

  • Provides Life-Saving Humanitarian Assistance and Combats Global Food Insecurity


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