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The Dream of the Cosmos

In her 2020 book The Dream of the Cosmos, author Anne Baring "synthesizes the work of Teilhard de Chardin, Margarita Gimbutas, and Carl Jung with her own story—of traveling extensive in India and the Far East and becoming a fashion designer and Jungian analyst."

Baring's YouTube presentation explores five different cosmologies which have influenced Western civilization:

  1. The Lunar Era of the Great Mother 25,000 BCE - 1,000 BCE

  2. The Solar Era of the Great Father 2,000 BCE - 2,000 CE

  3. The Myth of the Fall 621 BCE

  4. Kabbalah

  5. Scientific Materialism

She explains her understanding of a currently emerging New Cosmology, exploring the relationship between the feminine and masculine archetypes manifested in these five cosmologies and how our relationship with this planet and the cosmos has been affected by them.

"This new emerging cosmology offers hope for our survival as a species and restores our forgotten relationship with an intelligent, living and sacred cosmos."

Anne Baring, has a PhD (Hons) in Wisdom Studies from Ubiquity University (2018); is a Jungian Analyst; author and co-author of several books including:

The Mystic Vision with Andrew Harvey,

The Divine Feminine (1996) with Andrew Harvey

"The ground of all her work is a deep interest in the spiritual, mythological, shamanic and artistic traditions of different cultures. Her website is devoted to the affirmation of a new vision of reality and the issues facing us at this crucial time of choice."

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