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  • Rick Bonetti

The Future of Water in the Rogue Valley

Jefferson Center (Salon Series), SOCAN Ashland Climate Action Project, and Ashland Climate Collaborative are co-hosting a Zoom presentation/discussion on “The Future of Water in the Rogue Valley” on May 22, 2022 at 4 p.m. To join the Zoom event, please register in advance for this meeting at:

"The program will feature Julie Smitherman and Cody Scoggins from Medford Water, with Joseph Graf from the Jefferson Center."

"This program will address: Where does Rogue Valley water come from? How is that water being used? What threats do we face? Discussion will focus on what citizens and government agencies, especially local ones, can do to provide water in our area and distribute it fairly."

"This event is part of the Salon series at The Jefferson Center, a Rogue Valley non-profit focused on critical thinking using secular humanist values to understand and engage with issues important to our community. Co-hosts for this event are the SOCAN Ashland Climate Action Project, which works to ensure that climate action is a top priority in Ashland, and the Water Action Team of the Ashland Climate Collaborative, a hub for community collaboration on climate solutions."


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