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  • Rick Bonetti

The Interconnectedness of All Things

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

In some circles, science and mysticism are merging. In the 2004 movie What the Bleep Do We Know?  fourteen scientists and mystics share their ideas about the interconnectedness of all things. The film is now available streaming on Amazon Prime. Click here to watch the trailer.

Although the film has its critics, it does make one think. Here are a few memorable quotes:

  1. “Knowing that we are all interconnected in the universe is at its fundamental level as good an explanation of spirituality as there is.” ~ Stuart Hameroff M.D.

  2. “It is my belief that our purpose here is to develop our gifts and intentionality and to learn how to be effective creators.” ~ William Tiller, Ph.D.

  3. “We are here to be creators. We are here to infiltrate space with ideas and mansions of thought. We are here to make something of this life… We must pursue knowledge without any interference from our addictions. And if we can manifest knowledge and reality in our body, we will experience this in new ways, in new holograms, in new ‘elsewheres of thought’ beyond our wildest dreams.” ~ Ramtha 

  4. The only answer that is both satisfactory and meaningful is that consciousness is the Ground of all Being. ~ Ramtha 

  5. “Quantum mechanics allows for the intangible phenomenon – the freedom to be ‘woven into human nature.’ Quantum physics is the physics of possibilities.

  6. “There is really no such thing as good or bad… there are things that I do that I know will evolve me and there are other things that will not evolve me.” ~ Micael Ledwith, Ph.D.

“Welcome to the kingdom of heaven, without judgment, without hate, without testing, without anything – we simply are.” ~ Ramtha

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