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  • Rick Bonetti

The Revival We Need

Bruce Epperly, author of Process Theology and the Revival We Need (March 29, 2023) sees ‘revival’ as "the emergence of a deep and passionate spirituality that changes us and the world, grounded in reclaiming Jesus as a companion, challenger, and guide.

In the YouTube video above, recorded August 10, 2023, Dr. Epperly discusses "why Christian process theology needs to open to creative transformation so that it can transform the spiritual landscape of our times. Believing there is good news of Jesus beyond the academy, Epperly shows how Christian process theology must join its theological vision with spiritual practices of healing and wholeness, integration of contemplation and action, and a rediscovery of an affirmative vision of Jesus."

Bruce Epperly is a professor, pastor, and author of over seventy books in the area of process theology, spirituality and mysticism, healing and wholeness, scripture, and ministerial spirituality and wholeness.

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