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  • Rick Bonetti

Three Great Loves

In 2017 the United Church of Christ (UCC) created the 3 Great Loves campaign::

  • Love of Neighbor

  • Love of Children

  • Love of Creation

"These Three Great Loves point to what fundamentally motivates people to address the damage done to our climate. People care about neighbors near and far who suffer from rising sea levels, floods, droughts, and hurricanes. They care about the world their children and grandchildren are inheriting. They care about the natural world around them that is under assault. This guide aims to turn that love into action: climate action."

The UCC Creation Justice Churches Program partnered with Blessed Tomorrow to offer a Guide To Getting Started to help congregations live into Three Great Loves through climate action

For over four years Conferences and congregations embraced the concept, and although the campaign started drawing to a close during Synod 2021, "the mission lives on and will continue to grow."

A new Resolution on green energy is expected to be proposed at the General Synod 34 meeting in Indianapolis from June 30 – July 4, 2023


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