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  • Rick Bonetti

Wake Up World!

"Wake Up World: A Curriculum on the Climate Crisis for the Church provides an ecumenical tool for education and motivation of the adult laity of faith groups, including green teams. Using it is an opportunity to bring your group together, move members to a common understanding, and motivate meaningful action." There are seven classes:

  • Class One - Introduction and discussion of the social issues that motivate people of faith to care for creation and take action.

  • Class Two - explores how we have gotten to this point in history and what the current scientific understandings of the crisis are.

  • Class Three - looks how our lives intersect with the climate crisis and how our daily choices can make a difference.

  • Class Four - explores how justice is connected to the climate crisis.

  • Class Five - examines the roles and responsibilities of societal groups (the United Nations, governments, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), corporations, businesses, organizations, agencies, and churches) in saving creation.

  • Class Six - identifies sources of hope and how each of us can move to action.

  • Class Seven (optional) - Let's Get Started review

Bob and Anita Dygert-Gearheart wrote this curriculum as their gift to creation. It is free of charge. Currently, you can access all class materials at


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