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  • Rick Bonetti

What Unites Us?

What are our shared beliefs in a divided Nation? In 2018 The Washington Post published an interesting project “What Unites Us? in an attempt to find some answers.

They interviewed 102 people (2 in each state and Washington D.C.) and asked people “to contemplate what it means to be American in this time of upheaval and rapid change.” They used “census data to assemble a group of Americans that closely resembles the overall U.S. population in terms of gender, race, age, and class…. and included the same mesh backdrop in each portrait to create a unifying element in 102 different locations.” Spend some time reading these 102 portraits of Americans.

Seven unifying themes:

  1. Community and empathy

  2. Opportunity and drive

  3. Diversity

  4. Fundamental rights

  5. A responsibility to engage

  6. Faith in the nation

  7. Fear for the future

What do you think unites us? What words would you use?

Note: The Washington Post article is behind their paywall.


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