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Youth Climate Activism

From June 20-22, 2023 Elders Climate Action is hosting an open screening of the documentary film To The End. Limited tickets are available for this event so reserve yours today!

When you register you will receive a link to screen To The End on your own any time between June 20–22. Watch with your children and (older) grandchildren, friends, and neighbors. This film captures the rise of a new generation of leaders behind the most sweeping climate change legislation in US history.

Filmed over the course of four years, the documentary includes up-to-the-minute footage of last year‘s historical climate bill, the Inflation Reduction Act. Following four important changemakers—including:

"This film allows us to witness the fear, struggle, and desperation youth are feeling in their fight for a livable future amidst the challenges of politics, power, and climate change."

The open screening will be followed on June 22, 2023 at 4 p.m. PDT by an intergenerational panel discussion. Because this panel involves youth, this discussion will not be recorded so plan to attend virtually. After the panel discussion, participants will have the opportunity to join breakout rooms and discuss personal reactions and strategies for action in small groups.

"Our youth activist allies will discuss what it takes to push through their fears to protect their own future, and the tactics they are using to raise their voices and make change. They will discuss why elders have a duty to the youth to stand with them in this fight."

Elders Climate Action (ECA) is a project of Elders Action Network based in San Jose, CA. They "are determined to do all they can to leave a sustainable planet for future generations. ECA is non-partisan, and does not support, endorse, or advocate for any political party or candidate." They "work to inform, inspire, and engage others to take action on the climate crisis." They "actively support the youth movements springing up in the United States and throughout the world."


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