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Becoming ProSocial

How can we build more trust and collaboration in the groups and networks we care about? How can we work together to make the difference we are striving for?

ProSocial World hopes to offer some answers in their upcoming, seven-week, online course: Becoming ProSocial: Building Trust and Collaboration in our Groups and Networks. The experience is being offered in two sessions: June 4 to July 17, 2024 and October 1 to November 12, 2024. The cost of the course is ‍$300, which covers the full cost for ProSocial World to administer the course. Participants who contribute a higher amount allow scholarships for others. Click here for more information and to register

The main objectives of the course are "to practice psychological flexibility and listening in community; to get a taste of the prosocial community of practice; and to empower us all to improve our groups and communities. The experience is being facilitated by Dounia Saeme, ProSocial World Community Development Manager, and Paul Atkins ProSocial World Cofounder & Vice President.

The ProSocial model is designed to enhance self-awareness, responsiveness, and collaboration by using ideas drawn from cultural evolutionary theory, Elinor Ostrom’s Nobel prize-winning design principles for groups, and the contemplative and behavioral sciences. Central are three core processes diagramed above (Self awareness and responsiveness; shared purpose and vision: and collective action and co-evolution. In Governing the Commons, Ostrom summarized eight design principles that were present in the sustainable common pool resource institutions she studied.

In order to consciously evolve a world that works for all. and catalyze rapid, positive cultural change we will need to recognize our interconnectedness and continuously improve the relationships we have with ourselves, each other and the planet." ~ ProSocial World


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