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Living on this Planet, in Harmony, for the Good of All

Updated: Apr 27

In April 2023 I participated in an adult education program of Ashland UCC where we discussed a series of videos produced by the Human Energy Project about the emerging noosphere - the collective, global mind (super-organism), identified 100 years ago by Jesuit paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. This led to my invitation to participate in summer 2023 in a 10-week Master Class called the Science of the Noosphere; this was led by evolutionary biologist David Sloan Wilson,

One of the participants in the Master Class was Kurt Johnson, co-author of the 2012 book The Coming Interspiritual Age. Kurt Johnson was trained as a scientist and became friends with David Sloan Wilson who co-founded ProSocial World. Kurt is also a leader in the unititive Holomovement.

The image above is from a YouTube PowerPoint video with Kurt Johnson and David Currie, based on Currie's 2022 book For the Good of All, NOW!: Be Your Own Circle of Happiness and Serenity... From Local to Global. It describes "a comprehensive plan of action for humanity to gather as a multicellular superorganism committed to elevating and manifesting a world that works for all of us." This world doesn’t exist yet. It is a world clearly demanding humans to make different choices!

The program Currie describes "invites you as stakeholders in life to consider a simple, 'Four Turns' path that draws on our natural, holistic powers and compassion, to cohere and replicate around a unique compelling evolutionarily grounded mix of strategies, structures, and practices, and to step on this path together.'

The YouTube PowerPoint video (below) is the product of HYLO Groups at both Prosocial and the Holomovement. It is co-produced with the Evolutionary Leaders Synergy Circles/Humanity's Stream Video Hub which has 700,000 subscribers.

ProSocial World also offers a variety of online seminars this spring:


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