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  • Rick Bonetti

Climate Ambassador Training

On June 7, 2023, UCC is launching The United Church of Christ + Blessed Tomorrow Climate Ambassador On-Demand Training.

The United Church of Christ is partnering with the Blessed Tomorrow Ambassadors Program to offer training that will equip you with the knowledge, hands-on experience, and resources to feel comfortable talking about climate change and act confidently on climate solutions.

With this online training and a network of like-minded leaders, you will be able to engage your community, the public, and policymakers to inspire climate solutions that help protect our families and communities now and ensure a prosperous, just, and secure future.

You will have 6 weeks to complete this 4 hour class of video presentations. Upon completing the training, you will be invited to sign the Ambassadors agreement, to become a Climate Ambassador.

Signing up gives you access to tools, resources, and events to act and advocate for climate solutions. It also gives you access to a private online community of Ambassadors from across the nation who are passionate about being a voice for climate solutions. This online community is for sharing and collaboration and is also where you will access the support and resources for the Climate Ambassador program including the slides from the training and talking points to use in your own climate action.

Register here with the code UCCBTAmbassador


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