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  • Rick Bonetti

Game Changer Intensive

March 31, 2024, is the last day to sign up for the latest Pachamama Alliance's Game Changer Intensive, a free, online, eight-week course "that will prepare you to engage in effective collective action toward a just and sustainable future." I took the course several years ago and highly recommend it The Game Changer Intensive will require about 3.5 hours of your time each week for eight weeks. Each week you will watch videos, read articles and participate in online meetings. I particularly liked the building of a community of friendships with like-minded people through Zoom meetings with those who have just completed that week's coursework on their own. The first class starts on April 2. Register here.

From the Pachamama website, here are the eight modules"

Module 1: Introduction to Game Changing

Begin with the fundamentals of being a Game Changer and learn how to “strike at the root” of our systemic societal problems.

Module 2: The Power of Story

The story we tell ourselves has the power to shape our actions. Discover a new story that makes transforming the world possible.

Module 3: Evolutionary Activism

Explore how human beings can take responsibility for the role we play in shaping the evolution of life on Earth.

Module 4: A Case for Grounded Optimism

Turn your despair into optimism. Discover evidence that a positive future is possible, and illuminate the critical role of your perspective and stand in the matter.

Module 5: The Rigged Game

Take a hard look at systems and structures of injustice that exist throughout our society, and explore how we are all, in one way or another, caught up in a rigged game.

Module 6: Unrigging the Game

Discover the awesome power of movements to unrig the game and bring forth democratic principles and practices. Explore inspiring alternative systems for creating a sustainable, fulfilling, just world.

Module 7: Solving the Climate Crisis: Justice and Regeneration

Explore what taking regenerative action to address climate change looks like, with an emphasis on the connection between climate and justice.

Module 8: Going Forth

Discover what’s next for you as a Game Changer, delve into inspiring and practical resources to support you as you go forth.


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