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Honoring Your Emotional Ecosystem

Bioneers Learning is presenting a 4-week course Honoring Your Emotional Ecosystem on Tuesdays starting November 14, 2023, through December 5, 2023 from 11 a.m. - to 12:30 p,m., PT led by author, researcher, and emotions-and-empathy expert Karla McLaren, M.Ed., Register here.

"This course is useful for anyone wishing to grow their emotional intelligence and strive for something more. This is "a journey into the Emotional Ecosystem and learn how getting in better touch with your emotions can help you become not just a better leader, but a better person."

"The Bioneers Learning Community offers a space for you and other members to connect with instructors and each other to discuss course materials, share projects you’re working on, and invite feedback on your ideas. This is also a space to start new projects and collaborations with members in your region and community.

Bioneers Learning also offers the following learning opportunities:

September 6 - October 11, 2023 - Design Thinking for Leaders: Making Innovation a Habit - Practical training for leaders to build innovation into their problem-solving approaches systematically.

September 25 to October 17, 2023 - Slowing Down: Cultivating Healing Spaces of Belonging - Mindful and creative practices to help slow down, heal, and collectively receive our greatest wisdom teachings.

October 19, 2023, to November 9, 2023 - The Rights of Nature - Training on how to draft, adopt, and enforce Rights of Nature laws in cities, towns, and counties.


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