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  • Rick Bonetti

Mental Health and Our Changing Climate

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

The ecoAmerica report, Mental Health and Our Changing Climate, produced with their partner the American Psychological Association, takes a revealing look at the anxiety that climate change has created in our nation’s youth as well as adults. At a time when positive action is most needed, it offers concrete, helpful suggestions to strengthen resilience.

"A majority of Americans support action to ensure a healthy future for ourselves and our children. America has the wherewithal to lead our nation and the world to ensure that the social determinants of health — and mental health — are supported versus hindered by the state of our climate, communities, and natural places." ~ ecoAmerica

To hear the major findings of this report from the authors and to preview the action steps for communities, individuals, practitioners, and policymakers watch the video. Read the full report HERE. and share on Social!

"Now is the time to elevate faith’s leadership role in providing inspiration, hope, and commitment with respect to our duty to care for creation." ~ Blessed Tomorrow

Additional Mental Health and Climate Resources

  • Mental Health - Our Changing Climate Impacts, Inequities, Responses (2022) American Climate Leadership Summit session

  • 5 Steps to Effective Climate Communication resource and handout

  • My Neighbor is Hurting: How to Serve Those Experiencing Climate Stress and Grief (A Blessed Tomorrow Let’s Talk Climate episode)

  • May is Mental Health Awareness Month blog featuring guidance for building community resilience against the climate change impacts on mental health



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