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Rogue Climate Celebrates on Earth Day

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Rogue Climate urges us to take time this Earth Day 2022 to celebrate the recent incredible victories in our region.

"From defeating Jordan Cove LNG to passing historic laws that move forward a just transition to clean energy, Rogue Climate communities have a lot to celebrate this Earth Day! People across Southern Oregon and the South Coast have shown up, again and again, to fight for climate justice -- and keep winning."

"At the same time, our communities are facing unprecedented heat, wildfires, drought, and more. This month, the world’s top scientists released a report that urges the world to act fast if we want to avoid the worst consequences of climate change."

Rogue Climate communities will continue to fight for climate justice, while also building a future where we can thrive despite the impacts of climate change we are already experiencing."

  • South Coast - working to ensure that the Coos Bay estuary continues to be protected against impacts similar to those of Jordan Cove LNG.

  • Rogue Valley - continuing to support Almeda fire survivors while pushing for local solutions to transition away from fossil fuels.

  • Statewide - continues to advocate for policies that ensure Oregon’s energy systems are clean, reliable, and affordable.

Join the movement by becoming a Rogue Climate volunteer by signing up here!

P.S. You can also celebrate the victory against Jordan Cove LNG by buying a victory t-shirt, sweatshirt, mug, and more online here!

Image Credit: From Allie and the Rogue Climate Team


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