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  • Rick Bonetti

The Future of Human Collective Consciousness

The N2 Conference - The Noosphere at 100: The Future of Human Collective Consciousness is meeting this week November 17-19, 2023 in Berkeley CA, and I am looking forward to attending in person, having been immersed in Human Energy Project's 10-week Science of the Noosphere Master Class this past summer.

From the event website: "N2 is an international, interdisciplinary conference fostering creative collaboration for intentionally and ethically steering the future evolution of global consciousness. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the identification of the noosphere, “N2” signals the exponential pace of the evolution of the noosphere and the reality that the next century will far exceed the last in rapid and radical change to the global mind. “N2” also suggests how the noosphere amplifies our access to human understanding - beyond the individual “n of 1.” Click here for an overview of the N2 Conference.

Plenary speakers are Terrance Deacon, Robert Lawernce Kuhn, Ilia Delio, Jaron Lanier, Ben Goertzel, Clément Vidal, Kevin Kelley, Gregory Stock, Elizabeth Lee, Francis Heylighen, David Sloan Wilson, Robert Wright, and Brian Thomas Swimme. There will also be break-out group meetings and other presenters.

N2 is an in-person conference with opportunities for remote participation. Keynotes and selected featured presentations will be live-streamed for open access. Virtual registration will allow remote attendees not only to view the live stream but also to submit questions to the keynote and selected featured presentations and will include a PDF program of all presentation abstracts. Online participation is free. Register here for the Zoom link.


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