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  • Rick Bonetti

Deep Transformation

Deep Transformation is about laying the groundwork for an ecological civilization.- an alternative life-affirming worldview based on the intersection of modern science and the world’s great wisdom traditions."

Jeremy Lent, author of The Web of Meaning: Integrating Science and Traditional Wisdom to Find our Place in the Universe (July 12, 2021) says "as our civilization careens toward climate breakdown, ecological destruction, and gaping inequality, people are losing their existential moorings. The dominant worldview of disconnection, which tells us we are split between mind and body, separate from each other, and at odds with the natural world, has been invalidated by modern science."

"Redirecting humanity’s trajectory will require a fundamental transformation of society encompassing virtually every aspect of the human experience: our values, our goals and our collective behavior."

"The depiction of humans as selfish individuals, the view of nature as a resource to be exploited, and the idea that technology alone can fix our biggest problems, are all profound misconceptions that have collectively led our civilization down a path to disaster."

We need to transform our core human identity, our relationships with others, and with the nonhuman world.~ Jeremy Lent

David Korten calls this an ecological civilization.


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